C12K is celebrating 20 years of empowering potential


Empowering Potential

Celebrating 20 years of communication and motivation expertise 

We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to all the amazing clients we have worked with! 

114 Clients, 35.196 Coachees, 118.584 Coaching hours, 20 years 


Employing people is the first step, keeping them is another challenge says motivation and communication experts Business Partner: Florian Naumann (left) founder: Dr. David-Sinclair Cassel (right)

Within the younger generations of today we have noted a dramatic changed in their attitudes, work ethics, motivation, loyalty, flexibility, movability, expectations, values and identity. This move is also having a major influential impact on existing employees to revalue their options and choices in a so-called  “New World of Work” 

Our clients are constantly asking us about the key successes to employee holdability. 

In order to support and help our clients with their development of a successful and sustainable company culture we have extended our coaching portfolio and have added two new fields of communication expertise - Teamergy & Employee Holdability.

For more details visit our fresh new website. We look forward to empowering your potential.