Florian Naumann

Business Partner
Team, Communication & Motivation Expert


Experienced in –

Communication & Motivation Coach, Stärkenkompass-Coach, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneur, Founder of Real Estate Management platform „prome.estate“, Freelance Consultant for Real Estate Management Companies, Property Manager, Real Estate Agent

Sports Management:
Club Vice President, Head of Game Development of Women in Germany (Australian Football), PR Representative (national team and club)

Sports Coach:
Head Coach German women national team (Australian Football), Head Coach (Handball)

Player Career:
Captain of the German national team (Australian Football), 1x Champions League Team of the Tournament, 4x Euro Cup Team of the Tournament (Australian Football), German Championship 2013, 2015, 2018 & 2019 (Australian Football), Player 3rd Division (Handball), State selection team & participation at DFB Camp (soccer)

Florian’s bio 


The words of wisdom passed down from my Grandmother have been a constant companion throughout my life. “If I have enough bread, butter & water, there is nothing to complain about.” My Grandmother taught me the value of living in the present, being grateful & thankful for what we have & to appreciate what life has to offer us. Live in the now!

I was born right after the fall of the Berlin wall. My mother told me that I was born with a smile on my face & this is still who I am today. I grew up in the eastern part of Germany & was influenced a lot by our Germany history & culture. My parents raised me in a community whose values were based on harmony & support. They decided to take different paths & at the tender age of 4 my parents got divorced. My mother, my brother & I moved to small village with 500 inhabitants. Despite the new constellation my parents continued to play an important part in my life.    

I was very fortunate that I inherited the sport gene from both my parents. At 6, I started playing soccer like many other young boys in our community. I remember fondly that we had this cheap soccer ball & in our free time my brother & I would run around & play a lot on the village turf. With the support of my brother, he helped me to develop my skills as a Goalkeeper.

To be honest, I was not the best player on the field until I found my passion to back up the team as a Goalie.


Sports Career – Soccer:  

My career in football began when the only Goalkeeper of our team was sick just before a tournament. I asked my coach if I could show him my skills. He agreed & I was awarded as best Goalie in the tournament. I never would have dreamed of what the following years would bring.   

We moved back to my hometown of Schwerin where I started to practice with the second best team in the state. The team spirit was amazing & we were able to compete with the professional Bundesliga club of the state. After winning medals & championships as well as trophies as the best Goalie I was finally nominated to play in the state selection team. My highest personal award was the DFB camp side by side with Toni Kroos in my team.

Two years later my successful career came to an end. Team bond & team spirit has always been one of the highest values for me in sports. Sadly, egoism divided our successful team into a group of individuals. Not many people understood my decision to end a successful career, however, I knew it was the right thing to do. 


Sports Career – Handball: 

After soccer a new passion arose - Handball. After 3 years of successfully playing handball as well as the completion of my A-levels at the Elite School of Sports, my club offered me a player’s contract that was handed out by the former national team & world champion coach Heiner Brand. Although I’ve felt very honoured I decided to turn down the offer & moved to Hamburg to focus on my business career. 

From 2011 to 2018 I combined my love of sports & played Handball in the winter & Footy in the summer. I reached my personal goal to play in the 3rd division of Handball & then decided to retire as an active Handball player in 2018 & focus more on the development of Australian Football. Little did I realise that this chapter of Handball was not over yet & that new doors would open up. A few months later in 2018 I became the Senior Coach of a women’s Handball team. Today, I work as a licensed coach for a 5th decision women’s Handball team.


Sports Career – Australian Football: 

I first got in touch with the toughest kind of football in 2006 & this awoke my curiosity & later on my passion for this sport. As a teenager, I was fortunate enough to spend 9 weeks in Australia on a school exchange program to explore the other side of the world. My host family took me a couple of times probably to the most challenging sports I have ever seen. 5 years later on I found out that there is an AFL league in Germany. In 2011 I went to my first training session in Hamburg followed by my first real game 3 days later. Two years later I scored my first goal in the national team, followed by 3 German championships, 1x MVP in the league Grand Final, 1x Team of the Tournament at Champions League, 2x bronze medallist in the European Championships, 3x European Team of the Tournament, 2nd place in the World Championship division. From 2016 on I’ve been the captain of the national team. My success was only possible from the skills, knowledge & experience gained from my former sport careers in Soccer & Handball.

 However, the biggest success is to become a part of the worldwide „Footy Family“, an incomparable community based on respect, diversity, support & camaraderie. Besides being a player, I was able to experience the position of a sports coach for Australian Football. I developed & built up the women’s division & became the Head Coach of the German national team in the same year I joined the league Committee & became the Club’s Vice President.


Business Career:

 Sport has always been a big part of my life & will always be, however, at the age of 18 it was time to start my business career.

I moved to Hamburg, Germany & completed my commercial training in the city’s biggest owned real estate business SAGA GWG (today: SAGA Unternehmensgruppe). During this time, I became the representative for all the 40 trainees & reported directly to the board & HR. After more than three years at SAGA I decided to face a new challenge in a start-up company & built up a real estate company for 2,5 years. In 2014 I switched my office to a medium-sized company & I furthered my field of expertise & graduated with a Bachelor of real estate in 2016.  

At the end of the same year a mutual friend introduced me to C12K. The Founder David explained to me the philosophy & motivation of his company. A new passion arrived in my business life, so I started & completed my Coaching license.

Today I am the business partner at C12K, as a Team, Communication & Motivation Expert. In addition, I also continue to work as a Sports Coach & as an Entrepreneur in the real estate business.

Sport has played a major influence in my life & has shaped me into the person I have become today. Moreover sport has shown me the importance of the management of ME & US, their values & challenges. I believe in the power & impact of positivity, motivation & inspiration. Over the years I learnt the importance of loyalty, gratitude & thankfulness towards all the people who I have encountered & who have shared with me their values & have taught me to discover my own identity & values.