Dr. David-Sinclair Cassel

Communication Psychologist & Motivation Expert


Experienced in –

Communication Psychologist, Company Director, People Management, Change & Sustainability Manager, Communication & Motivation Coach, StrengthAbility Coach, Moderator, Presenter, Music/Voice Coach

Lecturer, Language Teacher, Teacher primary to University, Fitness Trainer

David’s bio

Growing up with 6 brothers & 5 sisters in a multi-cultural family in New Zealand certainly had its challenges & moments. Our parents taught us about the power of reaching out to others with music, performance, entertainment & community work. My fondest memories were traveling around with my family performing on many different stages & supporting communities & people in need.

This passion has become an intricate part of my life. The power of communication, the power of language & the power of performance, the power of support combined with the ability to reach out to others & touch them has been the guiding light throughout my life.

In New Zealand I trained to be a Teacher in Music, English & Sports. I furthered my Education & completed an additional Diploma in Sports & Fitness. Opportunities opened new horizons for me in England where I specialised in Music & Communication Psychology. Curiosity got the better of me, so I studied TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) to work, travel & explore Europe. 

 In 1998 I secured a position at Airbus, Germany & thus began my career that took me onto a journey around Europe. In 1999 while working at Airbus I founded my own communication company & I have had the fortunate experience to work with amazing people & clients in Germany, England, Spain, France, Austria, Italy, Switzerland & Poland.

After 15 years of perseverance I finally completed my degree in German studies in 2014.

 I have always been proud of myself, my achievements & very grateful to those who have influenced, supported & guided me in all my journeys.