Do something today that your future self will say thank you for.

To be a successful coach our one year coaching certification covers all of the basic themes that are associated with coaching. 

We offer you a unique opportunity to study with native English & German experts.


Coaching times

Our coaching takes place on the first and second week of the month –

Our course times are also flexible and can vary due to the needs of our clients/coaches.

Fridays from 15.00 – 19.30

Saturdays from 9.30 – 17.00


Coaching location

Our coaching location is in Hamburg, Germany

We are also flexible with our coaching location due to the needs of our clients/ coaches.



Coaching topics:

  • Why do you want to be a coach?

  • What is a coach?

  • How to be a coach

  • Past vs. the present vs. the future

  • Journey of success

  • Breaking habits & cycles

  • Dealing with challenges

  • Opening new pathways

  • Carding for the future

  • 12 communication concepts

  • Power of communication & body psychology

  • Presenting yourself to yourself & to others

  • Rhetoric – power of words 

  • Presentation – power of voice & body language

  • Moderation – power of facilitation 

  • StrengthAbility

  • Time management

  • Agile management

  • Dealing with social & digital media

  • Dealing with incidences

  • Workplace wellness

  • Personal wellness

  • Coaching models

  • Power of questions

  • Planning & developing coaching 

  • Assessment & evaluation 

  • Sustainable development

  • Coaching resources

  • Designing & creating your own coaching

  • Designing & creating material/resources

  • Practical coaching exam

  • Setting up & building your own business 


If you require more detailed information about our C12K certification course, we are more than happy to send it to you.