Workplace Wellness

The connection between health & fitness & business success is becoming increasingly apparent. As the demands on employees continue to increase, each employee’s efficiency & productivity becomes more vital to the overall success of the company. Healthy, motivated, confident and energetic employees means best performance for your company.

Motivation & Willpower:
  • Living goals, dreams and desires
  • Explore and discover ways to strengthen strengths
  • The power of will and do
  • The synergy of change and focus
  • Positive mental training
  • Self-motivation, performance and sustainability
  • Creative “Out of the Box” thinking
  • Open new paths through positivity, belief and will power
  • Solution-oriented collaboration through active listening
  • The power of verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Dealing with challenges and solution seeking
  • Perception and expression of emotions and feelings
  • Tolerance, acceptance and awareness
  • Communication differences and understandings
  • Focusing and prioritizing my world and me
  • Time management and self-organization
  • Decision-making and responsibility
  • Improvement and simplification of everyday life through potential development
  • Sustainable management
  • StärkenKompass identifying and reinforcing strengths
  • Value and belief system ​
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic influences and strategies
  • Comfort zone challenges
  • Expectations – my world and me
  • Dealing with the unexpected
Inner Wellness:
  • Development and sustainability of Work / Life-Purpose
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence building
  • Positive self-awareness and behaviour
  • Create healthy habits
  • Mindfulness and mental strength training
  • Stress resistance and prevention
  • Relaxation and regeneration
  • Sleep management
  • Changing perspectives and dealing with the unforeseen
Change & Sustainability:
  • Transform challenges into opportunities
  • Optimization & implementation of structures, processes, perceptions and behaviour
  • Live the moment – focused and future-oriented
  • Identify and use potentials
  • Authenticity and trust
  • Improve the workflow
  • Visualization of visions and goals
  • Identification by integration
  • Believe it, Breath it, Be it
Social Media Wellness:
  • Education and awareness
  • Conscious and unconscious communication
  • Tolerance and conflict management
  • Preservation of reality and opinion formation
  • Chances and risks
  • Addiction prevention and coping strategies
  • Media influences and impact
Team Synergy:
  • Identify and further develop strengths and potential
  • Integrate knowledge and experience
  • Motivation techniques
  • Importance of roles and responsibilities in a team
  • Development of communication strategies
  • Conflict resolution and solutions
  • Acceptance and awareness of differences
  • Loyalty and tolerance

Educational Coaching

Cultural and English Language Awareness 

Experience and improve your language abilities and skills in international and multinational environments.

We plan, organise, accompany and coach you in a country & place of your choice

International Business English handling and coping with everyday life situations

Full emersion

  • Hands on experience with daily life in a foreign country
  • Interacting with the locals in their environment
  • Experience new cultures and habits
  • Develop your sense and feel for the language
  • Establishing and maintaining business & personal relationships
  • Cultural and etiquette training
  • Wellness and fitness travel
  • Team building events and challenges

Countries of choice:

Malta, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Isle of White, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark