Travel & Coaching

Too busy to do everything at once? 

Improve your language abilities & skills in fully immersed international & multinational environments.

Organised & accompanied by your own personal coach

Coaching on the Go

Coaching possibilities:

  • Coaching while working out
  • Coaching while walking around the Alster
  • Coaching while on boat cruise around the harbour/Alster
  • Coaching while wandering through a park
  • Coaching while enjoying coffee, cake & chatting
  • Coaching while taking a quiet moment on a park bench
  • Coaching while having a delicious healthy lunch
  • Coaching while bike riding through the byways
  • Coaching while cooking
Travel & Coaching
  • Hands on experience with daily life in a foreign country
  • Interacting with the locals in their environment
  • Experience new cultures & habits
  • Develop your sense & feel for the language
  • Establishing & maintaining business & personal relationships
  • Cultural & etiquette training
  • Wellness & fitness travel
  • Team building events & challenges

Countries of choice:

Malta, South Africa, England, America, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Isle of White, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark


Travel & Coaching is coached by:

Sam Kellaway