Florian Naumann

    Managing Partner | Communication Coach

    About myself

    I remember as if it was yesterday. I can still see as clear as day me eagerly put on my brand new football boots, I was bursting with excitement, my heart was on fire and I couldn’t wait for the game to begin. Suddenly the whistle blew and with the speed of light I took off. Before I could grasp what had happened, the cheers of victory were already resonating through my whole body, we had won the game.

    After nine years of success as a football player, destiny opened up new doors unto me. The curiosity for Handball was awoken within me. And just like back then and now today I sensed the energy of motivation, the power of team spirit, the strength in support, the importance of communication and the power of elation. These are my essential driving elements that support and direct me in my daily life and all the new challenges both privately and professionally.

    I do believe that it was envisaged for me to change to Australian Football. This decision led me to the proudest day in my life.

    “We are the Champions” We won the German Championship. It was not only the victory that made me stand tall but also the conscious awareness of all the hardship and endurance that we faced and mastered together. An important factor that also belonged to our victory was what we also learnt out of our defeats. We learnt to be a force to be reckoned with, to learn, understand and implement the power of communication and most importantly to stay focused and positive

    In retrospect it is amazing to see the drive, the ambition, the synergy that developed and moulded us to be extremely successful. These twenty years of experience in a team bestowed upon me valuable skills and capabilities that have also lead to a successful business career. As a Real Estate Manager I enjoy working with people from all walks of life. From a personal perspective it enriches me when we are able to work out possible solutions that are beneficial to all the parties involved. Finding the common denominator is the always a challenge and that is why I use a variety tools and instruments that I have gathered over the years as a team player and as Captain of the Germany National Team in Australian Football.

    By supporting, guiding and helping clients, friends, family, team members or strangers to find their successes in life, I then realise that I made my passion into my profession.


    My coaching fields of expertise are:

    • Team building/ TSE management (team synergy effect)
    • Personal coaching
    • Conflict management
    • Occupational guidance
    • Relationship guidance
    • Motivation Coaching
    • Leadership Coaching
    • Team sports
    • Fitness
    • Nature
    • Music
    • Psychology
    • Self-made furniture
    • Economics/ politics


    • Work - Real Estate Agent

      2011 SAGA GWG

      2011 – 2014 – HVA GMBH

      2014 – Present – Paul Juul GmbH & Co. KG

    • Education

      2008-2011 apprentice real estate agent/ businessman (SAGA GWG)

      2015-2016 Geprüfter Immobilienfachwirt IHK

    • Sports

      • 2003 DFB camp playing with Toni Kroos, one of the best goalkeepers in Germany
      • 2008 club contract from SV Post Schwerin handed out from former national Handball coach Heiner Brand
      • 2010 Hamburg Champions (5th League of Handball) with SG Hamburg-Nord
      • 2013 first game and goal for national team of Australian Rules Football
      • 2013 German Champions with Hamburg Dockers
      • 2014 Team of the tournament at EU Cup in London with the national team
      • 2015 German Champions with Hamburg Dockers
      • 2016 first time in history of the national team reaching the rostrum (place 3) at European Championships in London, captains’ team
      • 2016 team of the tournament at EU Cup in Lisbon, captain
      • Coming up: 2017 first participation at the world championship/ IC Cup in Melbourne