Pume Nyoni

    Managing Partner | Hamburg | Nürnberg | Munich | Barcelona

    About myself

    She wandered into my heart it felt like a deep dark forest I thought she was scared of the woods but she planted a seed.

    My life’s journey began in Rhodesia now known as Zimbabwe. I discovered at an early age my passion for working with young people, for seeing them develop, grow & flourish into our coming generation.  I focused my energy & graduated as a Primary School Teacher. After graduating, I entered the two-year graduate trainee program at Tongaat & Huletts a sugar agro-industry company in South Africa.

    The United Kingdom provided further opportunities for me to undertake my Master’s degree in Education at King’s College of Cambridge. During this period I welcomed every opportunity offered by my parent University to take periodic residencies at other colleges around the world.  Doors were open unto me in Uppsala Sweden where I furthered my studies in child education, Japan- Sapporo social & cultural anthropology, the Netherlands Utrecht cross-cultural communication.

    I returned back to Zimbabwe to work for SOS KDI International Kinderdorf & married my sweetheart who was working as a doctor there from Germany. We were blessed with three boys.  Due to the political stance in Zimbabwe, we relocated to Germany where we currently reside permanently.

    Music is my passion:

    I have had the fortunate privilege to make & create music with musicians around the world. I am a professional percussionist & drummer.

    I took lessons in Zimbabwe Africa. I fell in love with the Djembe West African drum & traveled to Mali & Guinea to learn from master drummers.  A life changing & moving experience where I have been able to enrich the lives of people from all walks of life. My wife & I also held regular Jazz evenings with live bands at the National Art Gallery. We raised money for Orphanages & the less privileged.

    I have had the fortunate privilege to work with bands like UB40, Earth Wind & Fire, Basia, Sade.

    Coaching Competencies:

    25 years of global experience coaching, moderating, mentoring, teaching, training in South Africa, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, France, Japan, United States of America & Germany.

    Zimbabwe                         B.Edu

    United Kingdom              MA in English – Major Linguistics & Literature

    Prague                                TEFL diploma.


    My coaching fields of expertise are:

    • Corporate Language training
    • International & national business English coaching
    • Executive management coaching
    • Leadership development
    • Career guidance & personal development
    • Communication & presentation, rhetoric & moderation workshops
    • Cross-cultural communication in Africa & the USA
    • Moderator & Presenter in France, Netherlands, Spain & German
    • International schools association Hanover
    • Business development skills
    • Public Relations
    • Negotiation & communication strategies
    • Team building & corporate bonding activities weekend retreat events
    • Professional Writing skills
    • Intercultural language skills
    • Music, performance & percussion
    • Music workshops – rhythm, dance & movement
    • Professional Drummer & Percussionist
    • Music
    • Family and friends
    • Sport
    • Culture
    • Architecture
    • Modern Art
    • Golf
    • Cuisine
    • Literature
    • Storytelling
    • Meeting new people from around the world
    • Languages
    • Travelling
    • Politics


    • C12Kommunikation | Managing Partner

      Hamburg | Nürnberg | Munich | Barcelona

    • Communication Coach

      Audi, Deutsche Telekom, Techniker Krankenkasse, Germanischer Lloyd, Drewes & Keretic Br& & Sport marketing, Thyssenkrupp, Exxonmobil, Astrazeneca, International School Hamburg-ISH

    • Lecturer & Teacher

      America, Germany, South Africa, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, France and Japan