Unsere 12 Kommunikationskonzepte

Unser Coaching basiert auf den von unserem Team entwickelten 12 Kommunikationskonzepten. An den Schnittstellen der im Konzept enthaltenen vielfältigen Kommunikationsprozesse- und Methoden kreieren wir ein auf ihre Bedürfnisse optimal abgestimmtes Coaching.

Auf Ihrem Weg stehen wir Ihnen jederzeit mit Rat und Tat zur Seite egal ob beruflich oder privat. Unser Ziel ist es gemeinsam mit Ihnen nachhaltige Erfolge zu erarbeiten.

  • Content

    To realise and know what information content is important for your future development and what are the tools and resources you require relies on defining your goals and targets.

  • Courage

    Courage is the willingness to face the challenge that you’re afraid of and to conquer and master it.

  • Clarity

    Is being able to think and understand things clearly in order to make the right decisions.

  • Credibility

    Believing, is authenticity; Breathing it, living it and Being it.

  • Choices

    To weigh up various options, possibilities and to select what is important. To decide carefully and wisely which steps to undertake. “ Say Yes and then find a way to do it” quote Richard Branson.

  • Cooperation

    Is being able to willingly accept the strengths, experience and knowledge from others.

  • Change

    Change is being ready to identify your needs and priorities in order to move from where you are and results in a future state of how things will be done with a sense of well-being.

  • Concrete

    Being able to clearly communicate and implement your goals and values.

  • Challenges

    Facing and moving with perseverance through all your goals and reaching them with success and gratification.

  • Conclusion

    Being able to reflect and appreciate your achievements and successes.

  • Creativity

    Combined experience helps us to know where to access and implement the right influences, tools and resources you require for you to move forward.

  • Continuity

    Being continuously open to shared and learn from experiences for further development and growth.


Lis Nielsen
Company Director
Communication Coach
Personal Coach
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Lis Nielsen
Anne Schepull von Wussow
Company Directors
Recruitment in Advertising und Marketing
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